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Dance around Bastille

Latin or electro? That’s the party animal’s dilemma in Bastille! If the concerts and DJs on the turntables are plenty, the area has, conversely, few real dance-floors.

Barrio Latino

46, rue du fbg Saint-Antoine – 75012 Paris
Métro : Bastille

The HQ of salsa amateurs, the Barrio Latino is an establishment over four levels, unfolding around a majestic, classic staircase which is a historical monument and is signed Gustave Eiffel (a bit like Titanic, in the ballroom scene). Cosy décor, an upper-class clientele of dancers and a hot atmosphere! If you aren’t a salsa pro, try to find someone who is happy to teach you the basic steps and you’re good to go!


11 rue Bisconnnet – 75012 Paris
Métro: Bastille

There are plenty of reasons to come and stretch your legs at the Opa! Rock, folk, punk and reggae concerts are held there in the early evenings. After midnight, it’s clubbing. The two levels and an airy room let you dance freely without invading your neighbour’s private space!

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