Discover Latin Quarter

Welcome to the historic centre of university life! Faculties, preparatory schools, research centres, the library: higher education is part of the DNA of this district, which takes its name from the language used in the medieval schools. Although the university has been scattered around Paris and its suburbs since the 1960s, the Latin Quarter still retains the largest concentration of study centres.

Here, life at any time of day is organized around the students’ rhythm. For examples: 9am – Breakfast, Viennese pastry (you need to be full of calories to tackle a day in college!). 10am: lessons. 1pm: lunch at Resto U or a sandwich outdoors in the jardin du Luxembourg or the place Jussieu. 2pm: time to hit the library.

St. Barbara, St. Genevieve or Cujas, 6PM= happy hour! It’s time to relax with an € 3 pint on rue Mouffetard. There are crazy bars, historic cellars that turn into nightclubs and basement cafés with low prices. The sun is not yet set, but the night has already begun … Let’s go!

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