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Where to get a drink in the Marais

From eccentric and very lively gay-friendly bars to peaceful tea-shops, from trendy terraces to English-style pubs…there’s something for everyone here!

Le Loir Dans La Théière – 


3 Rue des Rosiers – 75004 Paris – Métro : Saint-Paul

Are you thinking of writing your memoirs curled in a comfy armchair at the Loir dans la Théière?  Well, make sure you’re armed with paper and pens because laptops aren’t allowed in this tea-shop with an international feel, vintage furniture and walls lined with theatre posters!  What does that matter, when you can scoff chocolate cake and homemade crumble.  We would advise you to avoid their weekend brunch, though.  It’s a victim of its own success and is no longer good value for money.


Le Pick Clops – 

16 Rue Vieille du Temple – 75004 Paris – Métro : Saint-Paulpick-clops

As soon as you cross the threshold of the Pick Clops you’ll find yourself in an enchanted, fifties-style world.  The all-pervading smell of popcorn (that’s served with the drinks), the fluorescent pink decor and the multi-coloured Formica tables mean that you’re expecting the Fonz to stroll in at any moment!  The terrace has the advantage of a location on a busy crossroads and the disadvantage, for the same reason, of always being jam-packed.  Make sure you try the 11€ bagels.


La Perle – 

78 rue Vieille du Temple – 75003 Paris – Métro : Filles-du-Calvairela-perle-bar-paris-marais

Take a bar steeped in the seventies, there are plenty to choose from, add a really well located terrace, mix well with a few VIP regulars and a quiet local bar suddenly becomes a fashionable place to be.  Try La Perle on a Saturday for pre-dinner drinks and you’ll see for yourself the trendsetting ‘made in Marais’ phenomenon.  You’re bound to meet some interesting people on this crowded street-front.


L’attirail – 

9, rue au Maire – 75003 Paris – Métro : Arts-et-Métiersl'attirail

This old-fashioned style local port of call, its walls lined with posters and photo-booth pictures, is one of the genuine landmarks for students in this quarter.  Once students would gather to enjoy a beer and listen to music.  Now there is no more live music but the beer is still good!  Happy hour from 3:30 to 8pm.


Les Souffleurs – 

7 Rue de la Verrerie – 75004 Paris – Métro : Hôtel-de-villeles souffleurs

Les Souffleurs is on the corner of la rue des Mauvais Garçons (Bad Boys’ Street!)It’s well named because this is a good gay-friendly venue!  Upstairs you can sip a cocktail in a leather armchair and a cosy atmosphere.  Down in the cellar the atmosphere is soon red hot, particularly at weekends when several DJs keep the music going all night long.  Not gay?  Don’t worry everyone’s welcome here, gay or straight.

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Title Category Address Description
44 Lizard Lounge Musique / Music 18 rue du Bourg-Tiboug Métro : Saint-Paul
43 The Quiet Man Musique / Music 5 rue des Haudriettes, Paris Métro : Rambuteau ou Hôtel-de-Ville
42 Les Souffleurs Bars 7 rue de la Verrerie Métro : Hôtel-de-Ville
41 L'Attirail Bars 9 rue au Maire, Paris Métro : Art-et-Métiers
40 La Perle Bars 78 rue Vielle-du-Temple, Paris Métro : Filles-du-Calvaire
39 Le Pick Clops Bars 16 rue Vielle-du-Temple, Paris Métro : Saint-Paul
38 Le Loir dans la Théière Bars 3 rue des rosiers, Paris Métro : Saint-Paul
37 La mosaïque Restaurants 56 rue du Roi-de-sicile Métro : Saint-Paul
36 Berko Restaurants 23 rue Rambuteau, Paris Métro : Rambuteau
35 Pink Flamingo Restaurants 105 rue Vielle-du-temple paris Métro : Saint-Sébastien-Froissart
34 Café du centre culturel suédois Restaurants 11 rue Payenne paris Métro : Saint-Paul
33 L'as du Falafel Restaurants 34 rue des rosiers paris Métro : Saint-Paul
32 Breakfast In America Restaurants 4 rue Malher paris Métro : Saint-Paul
31 Tennis Neuve-Saint-Pierre Sports 5 rue Neuve-saint-pierre paris Métro : Saint-Paul
30 Piscine Saint-Merri Sports 16 rue du renard paris Métro : Rambuteau ou Hôtel-de-ville

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